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This is me.  It’s a bit of me, in any case.  It’s a piece of my tattoo.  I was told, when I was contemplating getting one, people become addicted to them and once you get one, you’ll want more.  I love my tattoo and the experience of having it done was—interesting.   I have just the one.  Not because of the pain but, because I always wanted a tattoo.  That’s me.

Like I said, the pain was interesting, but I’m not a masochist.  If you’ve read my stories, you’ve probably figured that out.

The tattoo’s been a part of me for seven or eight years now.  It took a long time to decide to do it.  And then it took a long time to figure out what I wanted to have indelibly etched into my skin.  It took no time to decide where it should be placed—somewhere people wouldn’t see it, just in case.  It’s really beautiful.  Now I kind of want to show it off but even I seldom get to see it.  Pity.

My boyfriend gets to see it.  I think it shocked him, the first time he saw it.  I think his initial attitude was, “What’s a nice girl like you doing with a tattoo?”  Now he knows I’m not really a nice girl.  (But then, if you’ve read my stories, you’ve probably figured that out.)  Now he really likes, perhaps even loves, my tattoo.

Now, don’t think you know me just because you know about my ink.  Here’s another picture.

This is my toy cabinet.  The picture reminds me of a great, if slightly chilly day and a particularly memorable Brooklyn salon. Looking at it makes me want to get back into hosting the salons again this summer.  And, no, the toy cabinet has nothing to do with Brooklyn writers salons.  And yes, these are really my toys—at least some of them.  The rest have other hiding places around the bedroom.

The shelves were awfully neat when this picture was taken, but my house is a wreck right now.  I just looked at the toy cabinet again and it’s not nearly so pristine.  However, seeing the Electrolube gives me ideas…

Yes, I like to play.  I like my sex on the kinky side.  I’m bossy and I like to be in charge but I’m also gentle and kind.  Yes, I can raise welts while being gentle and kind.  I suppose the bottom line is that I like to make people happy.  So just give me the right people and I’ll make them happy—with a paddle or a book.

Does any of this tell you who I am?  The truth is, I’m nobody and I’m everybody.  I’m not particularly exciting; I’m just me.  You’d pass me by if you saw me on the street.  You wouldn’t give me a second look if I stood next to you on the train.  And while I put pieces of myself into everything I write, it’s the story you’ll remember, not the writer.

This is where I work.  It probably says the most about me.

D. L. King is a smut-writing New Yorker. She is the editor of The Sweetest Kiss and Where the Girls Are, Cleis Press, and Spank! from Logical LustShe is also the publisher and editor of the book review site, Erotica Revealed. Her short stories can be found in anthologies such as The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, Best Women’s Erotica, Best Lesbian Erotica, Please, Ma’am, Sweet Love, Girl Crazy, Broadly Bound, Frenzy, Yes, Sir and Yes, Ma’am among othersShe is the author of two femdom novels. Find out more at her blog: http://www.dlkingerotica.blogspot.com or at her website, http://www.dlkingerotica.com.

16 Responses to “D. L. King”

  1. Hey D.L.–

    I have to admit that toy closet picture reminds me of a great, if slightly chilly day and a particularly memorable Brooklyn salon, too. October 2008…cupcakes and red wine and the sounds of a spanking behind a bedroom door. Unforgettable, that’s for sure! We need more such salons all over the country, imo!

    I so enjoyed this witty glimpse into the different aspects of “you,” but I have to say this line stayed with me: It’s the story you’ll remember, not the writer. That is the truth, at least I hope so for my own work, because of course fiction that stays with a reader is a lovely menage a trois of the imagination–writer, story, reader. An insight I’m sure I’ll remember just as vividly as my first peek into your toy closet ;-).

  2. ” And while I put pieces of myself into everything I write, it’s the story you’ll remember, not the writer.”

    That is fanfreakingtastic, D.L. Exceptionally well put. And I love the piece of your tattoo, but particularly enjoyed seeing your workspace, as it made me laugh in some kind of sympatico or something.

  3. I don’t want to be a “me too” kind of guy, but I loved and related to that line as well.

    Thanks for sharing an intriguing glimpse into your creative spaces where inspiration comes to life!

    Donna, I really liked, fiction that stays with a reader is a lovely menage a trois of the imagination–writer, story, reader.

  4. erobintica Says:

    D.L. I loved the pictures! So very revealing! Especially the desk one. 😉

    Your tattoo story was interesting. I’ve always wanted one, may still get one, but have been having trouble decided what and where. I had been thinking of getting a “hidden” one, but because I so love to look at tattoos, I’m beginning to think I might want one a bit more … readily available for viewing, LOL.

    “The truth is, I’m nobody and I’m everybody. ” This was the line that really got me. Most people keep their erotic selves so hidden. From the world, from their friends, sometimes from their lovers, even from themselves. But everyone has an erotic life (even if it’s asexual). Now having met a number of erotic writers (you included – way back at In the Flesh when Susie Bright was there last year), and having the opportunity to talk about all the erotic topics that usually aren’t discussed (the salon’s sound wonderful, hint hint!), I’ve found that I’m growing in ways that are really quite wonderful at my age.

    Thank you for this wonderful contribution to F-Stop!

  5. erobintica Says:

    ack! deciding not decided!

  6. erobintica Says:

    oh, and there’s an apostrophe with salons. Need more coffee!

  7. Gorgeous tattoo! I’m usually not a fan of colored ones, but that deep green is just marvelous.

    I’m currently planning my second tattoo and researching artists. I wouldn’t call myself a masochist either, but they are addicting to me. And I do spend years designing/planning each one (the first one was in two parts, 12 years apart, after 2 years of initial planning). It’s a spiritual and emotional experience for me as well as a physical one.

    Oh, and I have to get tattoos where I can see them. It would drive me bonkers otherwise! 🙂

  8. Ooooh, interesting essay and images. Thank you for this wonderful contribution. Hmmm…against popular opinion, I’m also the owner of only one tatt too. It was like a rite of passage for me after a painful divorce. It hurt like hell, both the tatt and the divorce -tatt located on my right hip bone – ouch! But the artist was so hot, and the reason behind getting the ink made the pain pleasurable. Hmmmm…now after getting a little more glimpses of you here, I can’t help but think I might share some of your kink. 🙂

    Thank you again –

  9. Susan, wow! Thanks so much, Everyone, for your comments.

    Erobintica, the salons will continue this year, I’m sure. I did very little entertaining last year. I was broke, being out of work, and out of town on book tours and readings so much of last summer. I don’t have those plans again this summer.

    Dayle, it’s got really lovely shades of blue, into turquoise, into greens, with white highlights. The artist was really something. I love the color and, because it doesn’t see a lot of sun, it won’t fade.

    Neve, a friend was supposed to come with me, but she didn’t. I guess it took a couple of hours. I remember taking the train home afterwards, not leaning against the seat back–kind of perched on the edge until I gave up and stood the rest of the way. I found the whole process fascinating. Perhaps one day we’ll meet.

  10. Thanks for showing us your ink. And your kink. I’ve enjoyed reading and now meeting just you. Nobody and everybody, wonderfully put.


  11. Well, luckily I don’t mind being a “me too” kind of guy, because your entry into Bartlett’s* with “It’s the story you’ll remember, not the writer” gets my vote as well.

    *The quotation compendium, not the peaches. Though, since the subject has been raised, you’re a peach as well, DLK. : )

    Terrific essay!

  12. I like this collage of “pieces” of you seeming to actually display the enigma of the real wholeness of you. Lovely. Thank you for sharing!

  13. D. L. King Says:

    Thanks Isabell!

    Hi Jeremy. I thought Bartlets did pears. I suppose we make a pair, though, a pair of what I couldn’t say. Thanks for your support. Oh no, that was Bartels…

    Emerald, thank you. I hope we get to meet again when there’s more time to talk.

    You guys all rock!

  14. Oops–of course, pears! I guess that glass of peach wine cooler went to my head. Well, anyway, you’re still a peach.

  15. “You’d pass me by if you saw me on the street. You wouldn’t give me a second look if I stood next to you on the train. And while I put pieces of myself into everything I write, it’s the story you’ll remember, not the writer.”
    Yes, me too – on top of all those other “me too”s! The writing’s bigger than I am. Which is actually sort of liberating.

  16. Ishmael Goat Says:

    What’s wrong with “me too.” Thanks for the many glimpses into the ultra private. I’ll say it, “me too.”
    Thanks for the view into your play things. And your work corner.
    I’m remembering your hosting some circles of writers, and I’m truly grateful for your generous spirit.
    For me, I’m still in the machine, doing the work thing, being as diligent to my mask as I can while being true to myself.

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