A Call For Exposure

F-Stop, Expose the I
Editor: Shanna Germain, Donna George-Storey, Neve Black
Publisher: F-Stop, Expose the I blog
Deadline: On Going Process
Payment: Free Artist Exposure

This blog will feature all genres of erotic art with the focus on exposing the most vulnerable parts of each contributing creator. We’re looking for you to expose those exquisite soft and pink parts that lay hidden somewhere inside and are usually kept safely locked up. This blog will be the home for works of sensual expression and down to the bare bones of each artists subjective perspective – naked emotionally; naked physically and naked spiritually – We want you to dig deep; no deeper, hmmm…you’re almost there…go a little deeper still, inside yourself and expose the naked “I”, which we hope, no scratch that, which we know will be sexually provocative. We want you to fly free and high. Why? Because it is our belief that being truly exposed is both liberating and cathartic for both you the artist, and the lover of the art.

3 Responses to “A Call For Exposure”

  1. I want to contribute my art….how do i start?

  2. Wonderful! It’s wonderful!
    I know what I’d like to write about. Now what?

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