A Peep at Our Summer Schedule

I’m sure you’ll all agree we’ve had an amazing run of essays since F-Stop debuted on Valentine’s Day this year bringing us all the way into the lazy days of summer.  A number of fascinating and very talented artists have expressed interest in exposing themselves here with us in the future, but with vacations and barbecues and the languid heat of the season, we’re expecting the goodies to roll in sweet and slow from now on.  But do check back, browse through the archives or better yet, consider sending us some prose, poetry and/or pictures of your own!  We’re easy.

To all readers of F-Stop, thanks so much for your support and hoping you have a sweet, lazy, as-naked-as-you-want-to-be summer!

2 Responses to “A Peep at Our Summer Schedule”

  1. So fun, to read about our respective journeys. Thank you for the opportunity, and the platform from whence we could proclaim who we are and why we do.

  2. Thank you, BAK, for being part of this! I’ve found this so inspiring, plus lots of great pics.

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